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Which Hollister Product is Right for You?

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Hollister Medical is a leading supplier of ostomy products, providing high-quality, dependable and durable products for superior ostomy care.  At Total Home Care Supplies, we carry a full range of Hollister Ostomy Supplies, including barriers with flange, closed end pouches and drainable pouches.  We also carry ostomy accessories such as barrier pastes and wipes, barrier rings, deodorizer drops, adhesive spray, stoma powder and much more.

Featured Hollister Products:

Hollister New Image Flexwear Skin Barrier- Cut to Fit

NewImageFlexWearCTFHollister New Image Flexwear Skin Barriers relieve pressure on tender post-operative abdomens by using a floating flange. Their built-in convexity provide added security and skin protection for recessed, retracted and flush stomas, and their patented locking system provides strong security and peace of mind. This item is cut to fit.

Hollister New Image Lock N Roll Drainable 2 Piece-BeigeNewImageLockNRoll

Hollister New Image Lock N Roll Drainable pouches are a customer favorite. Their patented Lock n Roll closure system is an easy to use, easy to clean system for all who prefer drainable ostomy pouches.  The simple Lock n Roll closure is ideal for all users, including those with vision or dexterity problems.  New Image Lock N Roll features include rustle-free and odor barrier layers, and comfortwear panels on both sides.

Hollister Adapt Convex Barrier RingsHollisterConvexRings

Hollister Adapt Convex Barrier Rings can be cut, bent or stacked together to improve the fit of the skin barrier. These rings are ideal for use on irregular, round or oval-shaped stomas, and help adjust skin barrier thickness for deeper convexity. Hollister Adapt Barrier rings may be molded and stretched to create a custom fit.

For more top-rated Hollister colostomy bags and ostomy supplies, visit    We offer reliable, fast, discreet shipping on all orders – and orders over $40 ship completely free!  For more information and additional resources, please visit our Ostomy Care blog on

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Take Control of Your Package Delivery with UPS My Choice

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UPS My Choice

Would you like more control over your package delivery? United Parcel Service is offering a free new delivery option that could benefit online shoppers who get their deliveries via UPS.  UPS My Choice offers customers more control over their delivery schedule for packages that are on the way.  To take advantage of this service, sign up for a free membership and set your delivery preferences.  UPS will notify you of your approximate delivery time within 24 hours of your package delivery via text, phone or email.  Already know that you won’t be home?  UPS My Choice gives you the choice of holding the package for will call or authorizing a “shipment release” that releases the package for delivery without signature.

For a fee, UPS My Choice also allows you to reschedule a delivery or change the delivery address.  Other UPS My Choice features include vacation rerouting, giving security code access to delivery workers, and upgraded shipping methods on some packages

Membership Options

TotalHomeCareSupplies proudly offers fast, reliable, discreet shipping on all products.  Orders come packaged in discreet, unmarked boxes for customer privacy, and shipping is completely free for all orders over $40. Take advantage of our new EZ ship option, and schedule easy, automatic deliveries of your medical products at no additional cost.

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Customer Reviews on

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Review Your Experience So We Can Serve You Better!Review Page

Did you know that you can write a user review on our website? Just visit and click on any of the products you use every day to share your opinion.  You can also choose to take a survey after your purchase and be entered to win a variety of prizes!

Here at, we strive to provide the best service to meet our customer’s needs, and we can’t do that without your feedback. We know you have many options when you shop, and every customer opinion matters. Please take a moment to share your views, and help us improve your shopping experience.

Here are a few recent reviews that we have recieved: 

“This was the only online home care supply company that offered the exact product that we needed for Mom! Thank you!”

“Great products, easy searches, great communication when needed!”

“It’s so easy and convenient to purchase products from TotalHonmeCareSupplies online that arrive on time as indicated and in perfect condition. Thank you.”

“I found this site to have the best price I could find, and with free postage-it’s GREAT!!!”

“Very prompt, easy to order, I have even had to return a product due to my mistake and it was easy to do.”

“I have been very happy with my purchases in the past with this company. The staff on the phone have been very helpful, very courteous. I will continue to shop with them.”

“Quick, prompt, accurate service. When I realize I’m running low on my flanges and am in a panic, I can be sure the product will arrive within 3 days. Total Home Care Supplies gives me peace of mind.”

We take pride in providing the best service possible, and we value your opinion.  Please share your experience with us today!

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Caregiver Resources: Locator Apps for Wandering Loved Ones

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Safety and Security for Wandering Seniors and Youth 

Hands_phoneHave you ever felt guilty that your loved one with dementia is losing their quality of life? Do you feel uncomfortable leaving them alone, or allowing them any freedom of their own? These days technological advances are allowing rapid communication for people of all ages, and interactive maps and location services can help anyone find their destination. These tools utilize GPS navigation with location-based mapping, which basically is able to detect a device’s current location.

With these advancements, there have been numerous applications, or “apps”, developed for wireless devices that will help locate another device. Some of these apps are designed specifically for dementia patients and other wandering diagnoses such as autism.

Comfort Zone is an app created by the Alzheimer’s Association that can detect where the user is at all times.  Comfort Zone will notify family members or caregivers of their location and if they go out of a designated area.

WanderID was constructed to create a database for lost children. Those who enroll can take photos of their loved ones to put them into the system.  If the child is found by someone, those first responders can take a photo, upload it to WanderID and the facial recognition software will match the photos and help return them home.

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Chinese Law Brings Families Closer Together

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Chinese_elderlyEmotional Support for Elderly Parents

Does life sometimes get in the way of putting family first? Despite our best intentions, sometimes we forget to make time for those who raised us. In China, lawmakers identified this as a growing problem and decided to mandate for adults to visit their aging parents – or risk being sued and facing penalties. While the law did not specify how often they must visit or clarify the penalties, the government still hopes to see a rise in positive caregiving for the aging population.

The purpose of the law is primarily to raise awareness, as well as to stress the right of the elderly to reach out for emotional support. “We want to emphasize there is such a need,” said a Shandong University Law Professor, one of those who drafted the law.  Life expectancy in China has grown exponentially within the last 5 decades (41 to 73 years), and the percentage of the population aged 60 and above will reach 35% of the population by 2053.  With this shift, a growing part of the population will increasingly be in need of family caregivers, due to few affordable alternatives such as retirement homes. Simultaneously, the younger population has grown accustomed to moving away from the home to pursue careers. These laws are meant to help the elderly, but may seem unreasonable to the younger population who is affected.

As the baby boomers become senior citizens, the United States is similarly affected with a growing elderly population as the percentage of those 65+ will grow from 12.9% to 19% by 2030 (statistics provided by: Administration on Aging). More parents and seniors will be in need of assistance, and the job field of gerontology will be in high demand. It is important to recognize these facts to ensure our aging population will get the support they deserve in the future.

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Incontinence Accessories at Discount Prices

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Incontinence Accessories for your Convenience

Here at, we strive to meet all of your medical supply needs in one place.  From adult briefs to underpads and skin care, we carry some of the highest brand names on the market and they are all available to you, with fast, discreet delivery right to your front door.

If you’re looking for adult diapers, you may find that a few low-cost accessories significantly improve comfort and increase convenience.  Here are some of our most popular incontinence accessories:


Prevail Adult Incontinence Washcloths are located in our skin care section.  These best-selling washcloths are enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe and lotion to enhance skin moisture and maintain skin health.  Each washcloth is made with strong, durable fabric to ensure a gentle, smooth touch on the skin. The snap-close lid keeps the product tightly closed while dispensing one washcloth at a time, sealing the moisture inside and allowing for one-handed use.

FNC Medical Ca-Rezz Cream has a soothing formula which includes Calamine, Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Vitamins A, D and E. This cream is also located in our skin care section.  Ca-Rezz products promote fast healing and provide a moisture barrier to protect the skin.

First Quality Prevail Underpads are high performance incontinence underpads built to keep bedding dry and protect fragile skin.  Quality construction reduces top sheet separation and clumping.  This underpad features a soft, cloth-like top sheet with a flat seal around the perimeter of the pad to ensure no discomfort from plastic edges being exposed to the skin.

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For more home health care supplies, please visit our Total Home Care Supplies web store.  We offer free shipping on all orders over $40.  Interested in  health information and useful tips?  Come visit our Resources and Tools Blog!

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Prevail Super Plus Underwear

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Prevail Super Plus Underwear

Prevail Super Plus Underwear on sale now at

Prevail Super Plus Underwear on sale now at

First Quality Prevail is our #1 selling incontinence brand.  One of the highest reviewed Prevail incontinence products is the Prevail Super Plus Underwear. These pull-up style adult underwear come in sizes medium through extra-large.

The pull on-and-off design allows for an easy changing procedure that enhances convenience and discretion.  Its Skin Smart™, cloth-like outer fabric is enriched with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E for skin wellness, while its Advanced Zoning System® technology adds extra protection right where you need it most.  Lastly, the Super Plus absorbency of these adult pull ups increases the wearability and promotes extended use for added convenience.

Prevail Super Plus Underwear are offered in three sizes:

  1. FQ PVS512          Medium (34″-46″ waist)             72/CS          $50.00
  2. FQ PVS513          Large (44″-58″ waist)                64/CS          $50.00  
  3. FQ PVS514          Extra Large (58″-68″ waist)       56/CS          $46.00

Try this product today at, where we will provide you not only with the highest quality products, but also low prices and fast, free, discreet shipping right to your door!

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Dancing Improves Overall Health: Senior Edition

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Dance Provides Health Benefits for all AgesTotalHomeCareSupplies

” …there is relatively strong evidence that dancing can significantly improve the aerobic power, muscle endurance, strength, and flexibility of the lower body; static and dynamic balance/agility; and gait speed of older adults. “
– Keogh, J.W.L, et al., Journal of Aging and Physical Activity

Whether you think you have rhythm or not, getting up and moving your feet to your favorite song may prove to be more beneficial than you thought. Dance is a form of expression that can bring forth laughter, smiles and happiness. Dance brings people together and encourages social support while encouraging physical activity. The health benefits of dance are undeniable. According to Carol Cummings, BSN, RN, Certified Wellness Coach, there are numerous benefits of dance, including lessening the effects of some chronic diseases:

    • Improved Posture
    • Stronger bones and muscles
    • Reduced Stress, increased joy
    • Confidence

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Here are some types of dance that my elicit different health benefits:

Ballroom dancing. While dancing is fun and a time to let loose, ballroom dancing takes a certain amount of concentration to remember each step and prevent you from stepping on your partners toes. This experience lessens the risk of dementia in old age by keeping the mind active and focused.

Argentine Tango. This specialized form of partner dance reaps numerous benefits. The tango is a fast paced, intricate dance that includes many sharp movements. These details have proven to show improvements in Parkinson’s disease patients by increasing mobility and balance. Read more here: Washington University in St. Louis.

Waltz. According to a study conducted by the American Heart Association, those with chronic heart disease who participated in dance for exercise showed dramatic increases in functionality and quality of life. The patients were more likely to participate in physical activity because it was fun, which in turn increased their arterial capacity.

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Boost Your Health with These 10 Fruits and Vegetables

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SaladThere’s no better vitamin manufacturer than mother nature! While some fruits and vegetables can be found year-round, many locally-grown fruits and vegetables can only be enjoyed during their seasonal months. Why not support your community and liven up your diet with some healthy choices at the same time? Here’s a list of delicious fruits and vegetables that are enriched with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy,energized and satisfied:

  1. Avocados. Avocados provide nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid.  One common misconception of this delicious, creamy fruit is that their high fat content makes them them bad for you. While it is true they are high in fat, it is important to note that they are good fats. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fatty acids which help lower bad cholesterol.  In moderation, avocados can help lower your chances of heart disease. Start making that guacamole!
  2. Cucumbers. With only 16 calories in a cup, a cucumber is a great addition to any meal. This versatile vegetable has a high nutrient content, especially in fiber, potassium, and vitamin K.  Its numerous health benefits include increasing bone density and reducing blood pressure, constipation and risk of colon cancers, . Make sure to keep the cucumber’s skin and seeds for the greatest health benefit.
  3. Squash.  With so many different ways to prepare it, this versatile fall vegetable satisfies many dietary needs. With its blood sugar and insulin regulating qualities, squash can help protect against type 2 diabetes.  B-vitamins are plentiful in squash, and high levels of fiber, vitamin A and calcium make it a healthy choice in virtually any season.
  4. Swiss Chard. All greens are beneficial, but why not change it up and try something a little less common?  Swiss chard is a nutritional powerhouse: an excellent source of vitamins K, A, and C, as well as a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, and fiber. The antioxidants in Swiss chard provide an anti-inflamatory benefit.  Additionally, this vegetable is extremely beneficial for those with diabetes due to its sugar-regulating factors.
  5. blueberriesBlueberries. This popular berry is not only tasty, but those who enjoy it will also reap numerous health benefits, including strengthening the immune system. Blueberries are among the highest anti-oxidant value fruits, and are linked to improved memory as well as a reduced risk of cancers, degenerative diseases and infections. Blueberries prevent cellular damage and protect DNA. It is recommended to eat the berry raw for the best taste and also for the best effects.  RELATED: Food Spotlight: Blueberries and Your Brain
  6. Peppers. Peppers of all colors are full of vitamins and nutrients, especially vitamins C, A, B6 and B9 (folate). This flavorful vegetable is linked to preventing both cancer and heart disease. Research from the University of Illinois has also shown that peppers can decrease brain inflammation,  assisting in Alzheimers prevention. For only 28 calories a cup, peppers  go well with almost any meal.
  7. Watermelon. Stay hydrated with this vitamin-rich, fun-colored summer fruit. Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C, as well as Vitamins B1 and B6. Watermelon is also full of antioxidants such as Lycopene and Beta Carotene, and can help reduce complications with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and arthritis.
  8. Tomatoes. From flavorful Italian sauces to fresh, spicy salsa, you can’t go wrong with tomatoes! These red powerhouse veggies provide a huge amount nutrients, including Vitamins C, A and K , potassium and dietary fiber.  Tomatoes are an excellent source of the antioxidant Lycopene, which has been shown to prevent skin damage from ultra-violet (UV) rays and offer protection from skin cancer. Tomatoes also support bone health, reduction in cardivascular disease risk, and diabetes.
  9. Peaches. If you are craving something sweet that won’t hurt your waistline, bite into a juicy peach. Low in calories and high in flavor, these delicious fruits will satisfy and support any diet with their 0% fat content.  Peaches are moderate sources of Vitamins C, A and Beta Carotene, and are rich in many vital minerals such as potassium, fluoride and iron.  If you’re looking to satisfy that sweet tooth, peaches are a healthy summer choice to keep weight gain out of the picture.
  10. Eggplant. An often overlooked part of the vegetable family, eggplant provides numerous health benefits essential to any diet.  Low in both calories and fats while being extremely high in fiber, this vegetable enhances easy digestion, regulates blood sugar levels, and ensures a healthy cholesterol level.  The dark skins of some eggplant varieties are an excellent source of antioxidants, and its pulpy fruit is a good source of minerals such as manganese, copper, iron and potassium.

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mixed veggies

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Retirement: Start saving now!

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Are you ready for retirement?

As we approach late adulthood, many of us avoid thinking about the future. However, retirement takes many years of preparation in order to ensure that you and your loved ones remain financially stable into your golden years.  It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement!  Most people do not save enough to ensure a stable retirement. According to Charles Schwab, the majority of Americans between the ages of 55-70 confidently estimate that they have adequately prepared for their post-work years. However, many people who are as little as 5 years away from retirement have not yet begun to implement a plan. Overconfidence on this topic can be detrimental to a happy and healthy retirement.

If you haven’t started planning, don’t get discouraged. It is never too late to jump start a plan for your future! The goal is to set aside the right percentage of funds so that you can live as comfortably as you do now on a smaller income. However, with old age comes declining health and a bucket list that may include some expensive stops along the way. Here are a few points to help you set up a plan that will work for you:

Consider healthcare costs. Unfortunately with age comes a physical and cognitive decline. This is something imperative for people to think about when forming a retirement plan. Healthcare needs can be unpredictable regardless of how healthy a lifestyle you live. The possibilty of moving into a nursing facility after retirement is not farfetched, and definitely not cheap.Enjoy Your Retirement

Examine current resources. In order to maintain a stable quality of life in retirement, you’ll need annual income equivalent to at least 80% of your pre-retirement income. With so many ‘baby boomers’ approaching retirement, government resources will be divided among the aging population more than ever before. Some who plan to retire know that they will have to have at least a part time job to support themselves, but for others that is not an ideal option. It is important to rely only on yourself to provide the funds for an enjoyable retirement.

Prepare for the lifestyle.   When most people dream about retirement, they may picture themselves attending the nearby country club, or embarking on a  European adventure. In order to fulfill those dreams, you must allot that money early on. Other simple lifestyle factors may also dwindle your funds unexpectedly, such as eating out more and spoiling grandchildren. The considerations for retirement go deeper than simply providing a roof over your head and food on the table.  Part of adequately preparing for retirement means understanding your spending habits and accurately budgeting for how much income you’ll need.  If you don’t have a retirement plan in place, it’s time to prepare now.

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